Business Disaster Toolkit » After a Disaster - Immediate Actions


  • Safety is the first priority when re-entering your business in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.
  • Avoid downed utility wires. Metal fences may also become “energized” by falling wires. Beware of power lines when cutting or clearing fallen debris.
  • Open windows and doors to ventilate and dry your facility.
  • If there has been flooding, follow instructions by emergency management officials on safety measures to take to clean up.
  • Have an electrician inspect your building before turning on the electric following a flooding event.
  • Don’t strike a match until you are sure there are no breaks in the gas line. Avoid candles. Use battery operated flashlights and lanterns.
  • If you must operate a generator, follow safety measures to avoid an additional emergency. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common mistake found with the misuse of generator.
  • If you are able to re-enter your facility and the damage is minor, make temporary repairs to correct safety hazards and to minimize further damage. Take photographs or video of all damage prior to making repairs for future business damage assessments.
  • Contact your insurance company immediately and make arrangements to meet an adjustor as soon as possible.
  • Only hire licensed contractors certified by the local jurisdiction and State of Florida to do repairs. If the contractor requests you pull the permit, it may be an indication that he is not properly licensed and is not entitled to permitting privileges.