FLVBEOC How To: Business Damage Assessment

2017-09-05 12:02:28

The Business Damage Assessment Survey allows businesses to report any damages they suffered during a disaster. The information in these Business Damage Assessment Surveys is vital to receiving State and Federal disaster loans and grants.

The top of the Business Damage Assessment Survey focuses on general demographic data such as the: Event Name, Business Name, Location, Contact Information, and the Tax ID.

The middle of the Business Damage Assessment Survey focuses on specific information about your business. This is where all of the information on the severity and type of damages that were sustained by your business are entered onto the survey.  Questions include:  Type of Business, Status of the Business, Damage Sustained, Business losses, Number of Staff, Staff Lay-offs, and Other Factors Hindering Operations.

The bottom of the Business Damage Assessment Survey focuses on which specific types of assistance you are requesting. There is a listing of the types of assistance that has the potential to be activated to assist the business community and a brief description on what they mean.  You select any you feel you would like more information on.  This does not guarantee that all of these types of assistance will be activated or that you would qualify to receive them.  Finally you are given the opportunity to include any comments that you feel were not represented elsewhere in the Business Damage Assessment Survey.