FLVBEOC How To:The Dashboard (Adding Locations and Updating Business Status)

2016-09-03 05:58:16

User Dashboard

The User Dashboard is the page that you are taken to as soon as you log-in.  It gives you all of the information on your business that has added to the system.

  • Edit - This allows you to edit all of your profile information. (Business Name, Tax ID, Registered Address)
  • Picture -  You can add your logo to this area to customize your page.
  • Physical Locations – This allows you to add your physical location(s).  It can be done individually or as a batch using a .CSV.
  • Map Box - When you have locations added a map will populate showing your locations.  

Uploading Single Locations

When you select the “Add New Location” button on the User Dashboard you are directed here.  This is the page that you use to upload single locations to the VBEOC.  You can use this as many times as you need if you do not want to batch upload.  There is a box that you can select if your current location is your primary location.

Uploading Multiple Locations

When you select the “Add New Locations via CSV” button on the Business Dashboard you are directed here. This is the page that you use to upload multiple locations to the VBEOC.

  • The Format - These are the headers that you need to use in order for your batch upload to work correctly.
  • Choose File - This is how you choose the file you want to upload.
  • Upload CSV - This is what you use to upload.

Updating Your Business Status

To Update the Status of Your Business(es) you select the drop-down menu for each location you want to update.  This will populate on the overall map that County and State emergency management professionals have access to.  It is important that you keep this information as up-to-date as possible to ensure that emergency managers have the best picture of the status of the business community.

  • Location is Operating Normal Business Hours – Everything is normal and there are little if any impacts to your business location.
  • Location is Operating Reduced Hours – The business is not going to be open the normal posted hours.  This could be due to but not, limited to, an evacuation order, curfew, power failure, or closing early to prepare the property for an impending storm.
  • Location is Not Able to Operate – The business is unable to open at all due to a disaster.
  • Location has Closed Permanently – The business was so severely impacted to a disaster that it will not open again.